Getting Started

The G Adventures API is for use by programmers to create software that consumes, creates, displays and otherwise interacts with G Adventures data. It facilitates B2B and B2C transactions. The G Adventures API is implemented using a RESTful design.

Obtaining an API Key

To gain access to the G Adventures API, you’ll need to create an account and register a new application. Once your application is successfully registered, Secret Keys are provided for the production and sandbox environments respectively (see API Endpoint). These keys will be used by your application for each call made to the G Adventures API and will have all the same access rights as you have. Because of this, these keys should never be published or shared and must be kept confidential on your servers.

API Endpoint

All requests you make should point to a single endpoint

When you wish to test code, access this endpoint using your test api key. When your code is ready for production, use your live api key.

Hello Peru Panorama

The following code example uses the command line tool curl to return the departure information for the G Adventures Peru Panorama tour (PPP). Make sure to replace YOURKEY with your application’s Test Key:

You are able to toggle the request between various libraries. The custom libraries shown are available for download at our Client Libraries page.

Please see Best Practices for recommendations on data consumption architecture and processes.

Publishable Client Keys

With the creation of your application, you’ll also have access to client keys for both live and sandbox environments. These keys differ from your secret keys in that they should be used by applications in which the key can be exposed.

Javascript and mobile applications are primary candidates for the usage of these keys. At the moment, the only resources these keys can access are public ones.


As a G Adventures API user, you must register at least one Application to receive API keys. The API keys are tied to the Application, with respective permissions and rate limiting.

An application requires a name and URL. Description and Sherpa Agency code are optional.

Sherpa Agent Code

A Sherpa Agency Code is a G Adventures’ specific agent identifier. It is issued to all agents authorized to sell G Adventures’ trips. Supplying this code, subject to approval, grants the Application additional permissions such as access to booking resources.

If you do not have an Agency Code, you may register to become an approved G Adventures Agency.

If you simply require basic access to trips and departures, an Agency Code is not required.


Upon supplying this code, the managers of the agency will be sent an email to approve the Application’s use of the agent code. After approval, all API requests will be associated with the respective agency.

Using the Playground

After you have created an Application, you can browse the resources available to you in the playground. The playground provides an easy way to explore data to see how your application may need to operate.

Test Data

Note, test data is stored and retrieved from a sandbox that is refreshed every Sunday night. Any changes made during the week will be overwritten with a fresh set (from the live datatabase).

Terms & Conditions

Please review and comply with our Terms & Conditions when using the G Adventures API.