The G Adventures API is UTF-8 encoded for both requests and responses. Request headers with an Accept-Charset set to anything other than utf-8 will be rejected with an HTTP status code of 406.


The G Adventures API currently supports the following languages:

  • Chinese Simplified (简体中文) zh-hans

  • Chinese Traditional (繁體中文) zh-hant

  • Danish (Dansk) da

  • Dutch (Nederlands) nl

  • English en

  • French (Français) fr

  • German (Deutsch) de

  • Italian (Italiano) it

  • Japanese (日本語) ja

  • Korean (한국어) ko

  • Norwegian (Norsk) no

  • Portuguese (Português) pt

  • Spanish (Español) es

  • Swedish (Svenska) sv

The two-character form of each language can be specified by setting the Accept-Language in the HTTP request header when making requests to the API.

The coverage of our language support is divided into a few categories, and support for a language does not necessarily mean all content is translated. The primary items we translate in the G Adventures API are itineraries and tour dossiers. Coverage is as follows:

  • German has the short Itinerary information for all products. There may not be full translations for all full itineraries, or related addons on any particular Itinerary.

  • French and Dutch have a majority of Itinerary information translated. Like with German, it’s generally the short itinerary information.

  • Italian and Spanish, have about 240 itineraries translated.

  • Japanese, both forms of Chinese, and Korean have a limited, but growing number of Itineraries translated.

When there is no translation for a specific piece of content in the language requested, we fall back to English.

Any Accept-Language header content sent that doesn’t exist will return a 406 error. If no Accept-Language is specified, then en will be the default return. If a valid, non en Accept-Language header is provided for searchable/listable resources _AND_ if no matches are found for the original language requested, GAPI will fallback to searching our en data index to try and return a matching response.

Dates & Times

Most dates returned by the G Adventures API will be in UTC and formatted using the ISO 8601 standard: YYYY-MM-DD for dates and YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ for times. It is the responsibility of the client to perform the calculation to display local dates and times.

Any exceptions that are missing the UTC designator (“Z”) are considered to be local time of where the product starts/finishes.

Currencies & Prices

All prices returned by the G Adventures API are formatted as strings. It is the responsibility of the client to localize prices.

Any time a currency is returned by the G Adventures API, a full list of all currencies supported by G Adventures will be provided. Supported currencies are:

  • AUD

  • CAD

  • CHF

  • CNY

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • HKD

  • INR

  • JPY

  • KRW

  • NZD

  • SGD

  • USD

  • ZAR