Add Ons

A departure is the core product and is required for any new booking. Additional products related to the departure can be booked as add-ons.


Products are divided into the following resources: departure, accommodation, transport, activity, and single supplement. When booked, a product becomes a services.


A booking is a wrapper for a collection of services. Think of this as an order number or shopping cart. Some services represent a booked product with travellers, while others are stand-alone.

Different service resources, along with the associated product (if applicable):

Each service contains a set of fields that is common to all services. Most also contain fields that are specific to that service type. Services can be in different states, called service statuses. A service often has a document of type VOUCHER which is used as by the traveller (at the time of travel as proof) of purchase.

See the Use Cases section for detailed information on booking steps, requirements & processes.


A traveller is a customer who has booked a services on a product. These two terms (traveller and customer are often used interchangeably).


Product prices are offered in a number of different Currencies & Prices. Each agency is restricted to specific currencies for booking, based on their contract. Two other factors are used to restrict pricing options:

Number of Travellers

On some departures the price for booking more than a single traveller at once may be different (usually lower). Furthermore, the price may be different for booking exactly 2, 3, 4, etc… travellers at a time.

Age of Travellers

On some departures we offer different (usually lower) pricing for children. The age of a traveller is always determined relative to the start date of the product.

All departures require a deposit to be paid before a booked services can be Confirmed. Some add-ons also require a deposit to be paid before they can be Confirmed

Some products offer a promotion on the pricing.



The product is available to be held on Option or Confirmed immediately.

Please refer to the ‘total’ field in the availability data to see how many spots are available. For a departure resource, there may be values in the ‘male’ or ‘female’ fields of the availability data, which represent spaces that can only be booked by travellers of that gender. For departures with shared rooming (e.g. cruises, ships, etc..), this value is important for single travellers booking into one of the last remaining rooms (on a shared-basis) that is already partially occupied by another traveller. The ‘total’ value is inclusive of male/female-only availability.


The product is available, but the space must first be requested (Request Confirmation) and Confirmed by the local office as a result of:

  • it is too close to departure

  • the tour is only available on a request-basis

Full payment is required to make this request, but will be refunded if the office is not able to confirm the request. In most cases, the request will be Confirmed by the local office.

Please refer to information availability numbers in the AVAILABLE status documentation.


The product is full, but a waitlisted option is available for booking. If a service is booked on this product, it will be set to waitlisted. Should another traveller cancel and space becomes available, the waitlist service will be automatically converted to an Option and the traveller will be notified. No payment is required to hold an Option service.


The product is full or unavailable. There is no Waitlisted option available for booking.