Image represents an image that is made available in the G API. An Image resource stands on its own, but various objects within the API can be associated with images. Images are generally attached to activity dossiers, transport dossiers, accommodation_dossiers, and itineraries

XML Schema:

Resource Defintion


This resource can be searched, allowing to you to access a filtered set of data. See our Searching The G API documentation for details on how to query specific fields and the operators available.


Name Type Description
id read-only String  
href read-only Field  
date_created Datetime The time when the resource was created, in the standard Dates & Times.
date_last_modified Datetime The time when the resource was last modified, in the standard Dates & Times.
modification required String Modification type performed on this image.
variation_id read-only Field Augmented directly in GAPI; copy of the modification field
file required Nested Object The URL, and base64-encoded data of the image
  • url required
String The absolute url where the image can be found.
  • data required
String base64-encoded representation of the image.
  • mime_type required
String Mime-type as identified by extension.
  • exif required
Field A list of EXIF data extracted from the image. There is no guarantee for what type will be available.
description required String A free-form description about the image
keywords required Field A list of keywords describing this image.
  • label required
String A label identifying this keyword.
attribution required Nested Object Information containing who this image belongs to, licensing, and author.
  • source required
Nested Object  
    • url required
String Original source URL of the image.
    • title required
String Original source title of the image.
  • license required
Nested Object  
    • name required
String Name of the licence applied to this image.
  • author required
String The original author of the image.
channels required Field Channels help segment an image into various mediums and organizations. For example, many images may be under the ‘G Adventures’ channel to identify who they belong to. This provides an easy method for disecting a list of images.
  • code required
String A unique identifier for the channel.
  • label required
String Identifying label for the channel. This can change, so it should be used for display purposes only.
type required String The type of the image. Can be one of MAP or OTHER.
original read-only Reference Object Source image for variation
variations required Field A list of variations on this image.
  • modification required
String Modification type performed on this image.
  • href read-only

Get an Image

GET /images/(string: image_id)