Place Dossiers

A Place Dossier has a one-to-one relationship with a place resource and contains additional content about the country.

XML Schema:


This resource can be searched, allowing to you to access a filtered set of data. See our Searching The G API documentation for details on how to query specific fields and the operators available.


Name Type Description
id read-only String  
href read-only Field  
name String The name of this place dossier
type String The type of this resource.
date_created Datetime The time when the resource was created, in the standard dates-time.
date_last_modified Datetime The time when the resource was last modified, in the standard dates-time.
publish_state String Can be either published or unpublished
place required Nested Object The place associated to this dossier.
details Field List of free text details for this dossier.
  • id read-only
  • body required
String Informational text for this detail.
  • detail_type required
Nested Object  
    • id read-only
    • label
String Contains the label for a dossier feature.
    • code required
String Contains a code for a dossier feature.
images Field Images associated with this place
videos Field Videos associated with this place
flags List List of generic flags applied to this dossier

Get a Place Dossier

GET /place_dossiers/(string: place_dossier_id)