Place Dossiers

A Place Dossier has a one-to-one relationship with a place resource and contains additional content about the country.

XML Schema:

Resource Defintion


This resource can be searched, allowing to you to access a filtered set of data. See our Searching The G API documentation for details on how to query specific fields and the operators available.


Name Type Description
name String The name of this place dossier
date_created Datetime The time when the resource was created, in the standard dates-time.
date_last_modified Datetime The time when the resource was last modified, in the standard dates-time.
details Field List of free text details for this dossier.
  • id read-only
  • body required
String Informational text for this detail.
  • detail_type required
Nested Object  
    • id read-only
    • label
String Contains the label for a dossier feature.
    • code required
String Contains a code for a dossier feature.
type String The type of this resource.
id read-only String  
href read-only Field  
publish_state String Can be either published or unpublished
place required Reference Object The place associated to this dossier.
booking_company Reference Object The booking_company associated with this place dossier.
images Field Images associated with this place
videos Field Videos associated with this place
flags List List of generic flags applied to this dossier
can_be_a_highlight read-only Boolean Shows if the dossier can be used as a highlight

Get a Place Dossier

GET /place_dossiers/(string: place_dossier_id)