Good To Go

When you’ve confirmed passengers on a tour, it’s a pretty exciting time for them. The reality of travelling to the destination of their dreams is just around the corner.

G Adventures provides a quick and easy way for your clients to ‘check-in’ to their tour before they take off, allowing them to focus their attention, time, and excitement on what matters most – their amazing travel experience!

Good to Go (G2G) can be seen as G Adventures’ pre-departure check-in system. While similar to airline check-in processes, land tours require significantly more information to operate, which needs to be collected earlier than for flights. Good to Go uses the G Adventures API (G-API) to determine what is required to be collected from each customer.

Below, an example of the login screen and high level requirements view.

_static/images/goodtogo-login.png _static/images/goodtogo-requirements.png

In addition to this convenient utility, you are able to pragmatically apply various amendments to a customers file as per your business workflow, allowing your customers to be efficiently Good To Go.

Add Good To Go To Your Site

We have built Good To Go to be used anywhere and highly encourage its usage, as it ensures a consistent and reliable experience for all G Adventures customers. Good To Go can be dropped into any web page, assuming a bit of Javascript knowledge, and API authentication.

Currently, we are in the initial stages of rolling out Good To Go to our partners. If you’d like to take advantage of the drop-in module, please email us.

Accessing Requirements Powering Good To Go

You may want to see the raw data powering the Good To Go module. Although we have built Good To Go as a re-usable, drop-in tool, we also believe in transparency and want to empower your teams to be able to build the same applications we do.

Outside of ensuring you have met the requirements of the booking, and ensuring your customer has filled out all their necessary information, you can supply overrides. Overrides provide the means of telling G Adventures a particular customer perhaps, has no middle name, or does not wish to provide their email address to us. In many cases, your agency may not require specific data to confirm a customer. You are able to get a list of all overrides via override reasons, and you’d create overrides when you wish to supply these particular opt-outs for your customers.

Upon adding an override, it will respectively show up under the requirement applied_overrides field with the respective reason.

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